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A new opportunity to hear the glorious virtuosity of Roberta Invernizzi comes with this Lamentationi, where the soprano is joined by Franco Pavan’s Laboratorio ’600 in an intimate and intense Passiontide score from mid seventeenth-century Siena: Alessandro Della Ciaia’s set of the Lamentations of Jeremiah. Convents throughout Siena at the time boasted nuns of considerable musical talents, both in singing and in playing instruments such as the organ, lute and theorbo, and it is undoubtedly for one such convent that the nobleman Della Ciaia wrote his music for the Holy Weeks matins services. His Lamentations are scored for a solo soprano possessed of a very wide range and capable of meeting his demanding technical effects.

Roberta Invernizzi is the ideal modern-day singer to rise to such spiritual music, and to respond to the text and its description of the grief over the fall of the city of Jerusalem and the terrible fate of its people.

Alessandro Della Ciaia was himself a noted player of the archlute, and his instrumental facility is evident across the lamentations, here performed by harp, archlute, organ and theorbo. Franco Pavan has chosen to intersperse the nine lamentations with toccatas by Michelagnolo Galilei, Claudio Saracini and Vincenzo Bernia as well as Pavan’s own reworking of an appropriate motet by Della Ciaia.


ALESSANDRO DELLA CIAIA (c.1605-c.1670) Lamentationi Sagre. Venice, 1650 (with toccatas by Galilei, Saracini, Bernia and Della Ciaia)

01 Feria Quinta: Lamentatione Prima
02 Michelagnolo Galilei (1575-1631): Toccata in Do maggiore
03 Feria Quinta: Lamentatione Seconda
04 Michelagnolo Galilei: Toccata in Sol maggiore
05 Feria Quinta: Lamentatione Terza
06 Alessandro Della Ciaia: Toccata sopra il mottetto Ecce Venio
07 Feria Sesta: Lamentatione Prima
08 Claudio Saracini (c.1586-1630): Toccata intitolata all’illustrissimo signor Alfonso Strozzi
09 Feria Sesta: Lamentatione Seconda

01 Feria Sesta: Lamentatione Terza
02 Claudio Saracini: Toccata intitolata all’illustrissimo, et eccellentissimo signor conte San Secondo
03 Sabato Sancto: Lamentatione Prima
04 Michelagnolo Galilei: Toccata in Sol minore
05 Sabato Sancto: Lamentatione Seconda
06 Michelagnolo Galilei: Toccata in Do minore
07 Sabato Sancto: Oratione
08 Vincenzo Bernia (c.1570-c.1620): Toccata Cromatica

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